Forefront x Occulted

Forefront is excited to release its first NFT Drop collab w/ MintFunds uprising artist Ikaro Cavalcante (Occulted). The drop features two limited edition NFTs, entitled “Genesis Connect” and “Genesis Access” auctioned off as 1 of 1 and multiple editions, with a portion of the proceeds going to MintFund.

"Genesis Access" - Edition of 100


The second piece entitled "Genesis Access" is an edition of 100, available first come first serve, never to be minted again. Supporters will receive the original NFT, access to our discord community role, a reward of 200 $FF and our lifetime of gratitude for being an early Forefront supporter.

This NFT is a ticket to our future endeavour on the metaverse, the master key if you will.

"Genesis Connect" - 1 of 1


"Genesis Connect" is being auctioned off as a 1 of 1 NFT. The top bidder will receive the original NFT, limited-edition Forefront "Genesis Drop" Sweatshirt, lifetime access to forefront exclusive content and future drops and a ticket to redeem the NFT for 1 edition sponsorship on our weekly newsletter.

About Ikaro Cavalcante (Occulted)

Ikaro Cavalcante (Occulted) (1995, São Paulo - SP) works with 3D and sounds that reconstruct common spaces with their affective memory, be they virtual, such as games, or physical, such as internet cafes.

Occulted produces attempts to take back themself and their experiences in subjectivity, trying to build a place for the plenitude of existence, since they are not allowed such a place in the construction of their own world until then. For this reason, the Brazilian artist creates unruly images and sounds in a place of disobedience and makes their works a counter-hegemonic fissure, liberating themself in subjectivities.

Ohh, in case you missed it...


Forefront "Genesis Drop" x Metafactory

Crafted in a unisex size, the sweatshirt delivers holistic quality, finest cotton fabric and timeless black and white design, a la FF.

Limited edition of 150. Available until June 24th.

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